Visiting Epcot With Babies and Kids

The theme parks of Disney are something on the bucket lists of many people. A place where your animated characters come alive and often called the ‘happiest place on earth’, the theme parks are now present on multiple continents, attracting people from all walks of life. As much as the theme parks have become something of a spectacle unto itself, there is much more to this concept.Of the many things that Disney has to offer, one would be that of EPCOT. Something which many have heard about and which people from Florida are quite familiar with, this is a concept that has attained a fame of its own, in a rather interesting way. So if you’re looking for things to do or see in Central Florida or all of Florida, EPCOT should be on your list!

To begin with, it’s important to know what EPCOT is.

It is actually a concept that goes back to the early days of the Disney story. The creator of this empire, Walt Disney, was not just someone interested in creating interesting cartoon characters. On the contrary, he was someone who also had an interest in futuristic concepts, among others, with a special obsession over the idea of ‘tomorrow’. It was this interest that gave light to the concept of EPCOT, or ‘Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow’. As the name would suggest, the idea was actually based on the creation of a futuristic city or urban planning, to serve as a model for city planners and futurists alike. You could say that Walt Disney was a visionary in more ways than you can imagine.


The EPCOT concept, or the cities of ‘tomorrow’, as one might put it, was something that Walt Disney wanted use, as a ‘proof of concept’ of sorts, which could be used for wider adoption for society. It was in simple words, an urban center of ‘tomorrow’, as the T in EPCOT clearly explains. It was a place designed to be a complete urban center, with living spaces, commercial spaces, recreational centers and everything in between, where people could live and work like we all do in everyday life. It was an interesting concept that never took off in the manner that he wanted, in the sense that it didn’t become the model for future city planners. There are many reasons for this, one of the most important being that he died in 1966.

The death of Walt Disney put a stop to the idea for a while, until it was revived by the Disney Company, although they slightly changed the concept. Rather than using it to make the EPCOT concept something for use in urban design, it was used for the creation of a ‘theme park’ of sorts. This dream became a reality when it was materialized in the year 1982, situated very near to the Disneyland of Orlando.

In all, it can be described as one of the most iconic of theme parks around, with something for everyone in the array of exhibits it has to offer. And if you ever get a chance to visit with your little kids like I’ve done, you’ll have a lifetime of memories to remember!









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