Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds For New Moms and Dads In The USA

So our we’re good with making sure our kids spend time in the playground. This is all well and good. But what if there was a place we could lose ourselves and be kids for just a little time? Well, there are a few of them actually. And we are not talking about our adult indoor and outdoor playgrounds in the USA! We’ve already covered that.

As adults, we are always encouraged to work out and move, but that doesn’t mean that we have to use specific exercise equipment.  If we want to have a little fun, while getting our exercise in, we need to visit one of the many indoor and outdoor adult playgrounds in the USA.  Our kids already have the best playgrounds to play in the USA and knowing that there are some playgrounds meant for adults is somewhat comforting. While it wasn’t easy coming up with an adult indoor and outdoor playgrounds in the USA, because, well, frankly, adults don’t often play in playgrounds, we did dig deep to come up with these six playground which we feel will satisfy the child in us that need some adult play time.

Each one of these playgrounds offers unique options for staying fit and having fun at the same time.  Plus, you will be transported back to your youth, as you hang out with friends and play at the same time. So, if you happen to be in any of the states that these six playgrounds are located, ditch the kids with another adult for a few hours and go have the time of your life. I’ve listed the adult indoor and outdoor playground in no particular order.


1. Miami-Dade Park’s Fitness Zones, Miami, Florida

Gym equipment can seem more appealing when it is outside amidst an adult playground.  This easy to use outdoor equipment is scattered throughout the park and adults are all running to these fun places for adults, because it is much better than spending hours inside the gym.  You can stop whenever you see some of this equipment and get a quick workout in or you can seek the equipment out when you have a little downtime that you want to take advantage of.

2. City Museum of St. Louis, Missouri

This city museum is the adult playground St. Louis, and it is there that you can spend hours on adult-sized slides.  There is a five-story slide, as well as a ten-story slide, but your favorite part might be the cave system that you can explore.  Many of the features within this adult playground change regularly, so be prepared to visit time and time again to experience something new.

3. The MOMentum Adult Playgrounds, Washington State

When it comes to adult playgrounds in Washington state, none are better than the MOMentum Adult Playgrounds.  As your kids play on the nearby children’s playground, you can stay busy with other moms on the cardio equipment and strengthening machines.  This may not be the most exciting outdoor adult playground, because there are no jungle gyms for adults.  But it will allow you to get your exercise in while your kids play at the same time.  Plus, you can hang out with other moms in the process, something every new mom needs!

4. Dig This Construction Equipment Playground, Las Vegas, Nevada

When it comes to adult playgrounds in Las Vegas, you definitely will want to make sure Dig This Construction Equipment Playground is on your list.  This is one of the few adult playgrounds where you can climb into a bulldozer, excavator, or other piece of heavy machinery and dig in the sand.  You can spend hours digging trenches, piling up sand, or moving tires around.

5. Lawn on D, Boston, Massachusetts

The Lawn on D is an adult playground in Boston, and it is best known for its adult swings.  If there is not an open swing when you arrive, participate in a little bocce ball, frisbee, ping pong, or corn hole until it is your turn.  The best part about this adult playground is that food trucks often stop by and there is an outdoor beer garden too.

6. Macombs Dam Park, Bronx, New York

Macombs Dam Park is an outdoor adult playground in the Bronx, and it is the ultimate in adult jungle gyms and fun.  All the outdoor equipment is easy to use, and it is the perfect destination for those who are runners, bodybuilders, or just getting back into the workout routine.  You can cross the monkey bars before doing sit-ups on the benches and push-ups on the ground.  Join in with a few of the other locals and create your own fitness class, while rooting each other on.

These are some of the best indoor and outdoor playgrounds for adults in the USA, so I recommend that you visit one that next time you are close by.  You will be amazed at how you can relive your childhood by having some fun on adult slides, adult swings, and other types of equipment.

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